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Private Security Providers

Due to Opsman Consulting’s 20 years’ experience in the operational management field within the diplomatic world and their partnership in GDC, we are able to provide our clients with the best calibre of suppliers who have the specific authorisations necessary to accomplish private security missions for top-level personalities.  Hence, we adhere to specific individual requirements, whether it is concerning foreign languages, international protocol etiquette, attire or familiarity with the Belgian legislation.


Official Security Requests

Security aspects relating to groups of top-level personalities, require an efficient and extremely precise approach to risk management for incidents which could occur during an event.  The cumulative experience gained since 1997 working closely with national security authorities (EU Member States, USA, Russia, Middle East, Asia and African countries) we are able to ensure our clients a thorough and professional cooperation with the Belgian national security officials. We regularly organise coordination meetings with the national security authorities to safeguard a planning which is conducted with a fine-tooth comb to establish updated checklists leaving nothing to chance.


Official Obligations

Our experience has taught us to be extremely thorough and to master the legal aspects of organising top-level security. Having worked with the relevant authorities over many years, we are able to warrant and guarantee the smooth and transparent management of these important official obligations always with immense discretion.  

Tips and tricks…

Some people are oblivious to the fact that using walkie-talkies requires a prerequisite authorisation from the Belgian Institutions to hire the Citizens band channels.  

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