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Permanent and Efficient Assistance



Liaison Officers

A Liaison Officer’s attributes are reaction to all eventual circumstances which may arise during delegation’s visit for whom they are responsible for, proactive and improvise efficiently to possible health, security and individual incidents or challenges which may occur.

They are trained to study and prepare each assignment in great depth weeks prior to the event.


Greeting and VIP Accompaniment


Preparation is of the utmost importance for a successful mission. Before the arrival of their VIP or delegation, the Liaison Officers will have previously formed regular contact with their Single Point of Contact from the delegation, to ensure that they have received the latest updated version of the timetable and are able to respond to any requests from the delegation before their arrival. 

Tips and tricks…

In Mexico, when paying for a meal at a Mexican restaurant, one should place his cash or credit card directly into the waiter's hand, if possible. Leaving your payment on the table is considered rude.

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