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Protocol is as easy as savoir-faire along as you master the golden rules !


Protocol surrounds us and is evolving constantly. In certain situations, it is essential to master certain local traditions and customs in order to know what to do, but more importantly what not to do. 

Protocol is being meticulous with details and using discipline to adhere to planned schedules. At the same time, it entails the need to anticipate a Plan B and C for last-minute changes and allowance for a large dose of flexibility.


The Protocol Officer’s role is considered to be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle relevant to the success of a high-level event. GDC’s Protocol Officers orchestrate the most visible moments of the event in the presence of dignitaries and the press.


GDC is implicated well in advance, identifying any possible problems that may impact on the event and what contingencies may be needed ensuring all protocol, security and image aspects are achieved.  One should avoid sensitive issues and blunders which could lead to disastrous diplomatic incidents.

Tips and tricks…

The order of Chinese names is family name first, then given name. Thus, Zhang Wenqiang should be addressed as Mr Zhang.

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